These days there are a lot of heart, a lot of things , all intended to say to her , but I was what counted ? Even a dog does not like , I still qualify to disturb her !

I know , and she knew right from the day I had to let her heartache hurt ! But I was so a person , I had the bad character of this man too bad temper ! I have always been no matter what their things are simmer in my own heart, and did not even know to whom to go , I do not know how to say , maybe it is because I'm a sentimental man!

Say two people together, there is nothing to say to each other out , so anyone good, but some things are impossible to say, there is nothing to say that she does not and I said what I said to her , took that and her fight for it, was also a few of us out shopping, I went to the park to play on the horizontal bar whim say it , then little took us to the sports plaza Sanhe City , that has been playing in the afternoon six o'clock dark , when I ask them to say the days are dark we go back, then I say go on their own , they did not go the wrong way then I went back to look for them when they are not there , I will go on her own , but fortunately I was looking for a way home , when I got home they did not come back, then Madonna called me to play poker , and I went, they did not for a moment back, they come back when I go get her her reason to ignore me, I know I do not, I was angry and ran a cafe , and later in the evening almost eleven when she actually ran Internet cafes looking for me , but then not much while I followed her back, can I call her on the road to the sentence her daughter was your mother forced ! At that time I did not say anything ! So we did not speak for several days .

In November 2nd day I accidentally knew things she came , and then I went to the supermarket to buy a small bag of brown sugar and two bags of children dates back to her bubble open water. So good for a few days . A few days later , when I see her with someone else every time I have felt very sad talking and laughing , although she and I just met online , but I can move the heart , that is, they say online dating it ! So until now, and with her is like a stranger , and you occasionally say a few words ! But this I what sort ? Did I say I really like them do not like it even a dog ? Apart from anything else told me I came all the way to find her , the result is the case, I do is for what ? If so what does that mean I stay there ? Every time I see the other two couples are happily together , but I do ? Even in my heart, it hurt my heart feel good every day I have to smile at them !

As the saying goes everyone's patience is limited, once can bear more than their bottom line , then it will all my heart good performance in the face ! This time I had a lot of troubles on , but these things happen , you say how long I can afford ? I'm like the walking corpses ! Off is so dirty , is so useless , is so shameful so shameful ! God in the end I did something wrong ? How should I do ! For this reason I cried ! Said that men do not cry bloody , but I was in tears !