Inadvertently, how much better are no longer , the number of topics have become history, and we think they are still young , still always splurge . - Inscription This summer, let's change is one of the summer , let us choose a summer , an opportunity for us to regret , nostalgia summer. In the summer, we bid farewell to those struggling with questions of the sea days, the school and the family broke the shackles of two first-line , however, is about to usher in freedom, it seems contrary to our initial intention. Cage out of high school , from the teacher's discipline , everyday pleasures, but had never found the kind of enrichment. Once, we count the days to live , looking forward to one day rules as ; once , we plan so many want to do. We lurking , waiting for the time , but when that day comes , joy after we have become nothing. We started to miss start memorial, did not cherish those days , but we can not go back into a beautiful memorial. We no longer looking forward to school , school ; no longer have to look forward to a rare weekly physical education ; no longer first class rushed to the toilet , no longer have to endure the cafeteria unpalatable food ; no longer have to worry about being a teacher in class called up to answer questions ; no longer have to fear being found sleeping in class ; no longer have to find ways of truancy ; no longer have to face the large and small exam ; never have ,,,, but , so many " no longer " has become our" no longer " we can no longer do so, even though we had a very nasty , but it is worth recalling some of said child together , however , and never said no such child , and our only high school career is over, time to go back, we go back. Left here, we will eventually have to go our separate ways , just like the rain outside the window and landed on a different place ,,, Breathing very light , heavy memories . Youth is the summer of life, but we do not know how to cherish , a moment , but Pat 's light years away . But we will use all our past, carved it all on youth. These will never be bleached years . Lightyear circulation, in a casual moment , years of books and quietly turned a page. However , over , not just the time , there are dependent on the time of happiness, sadness, sweet , sad , happy , sad, smile , tears, or bright or dim passing scenery , as well as our state of mind. This summer, for us, is a country with a different meaning in the summer . Like our mood fluctuations , as was a song in the summer . This summer is the transition of our lives, it records the memories of our past , but also look forward to our different future. Cang too young to go pro , even though we are still young , but we know all that, and then run fast , but also inferior to the pace of recovery time . Time always walking in the wind over the summer, we waited in silence , waiting for a part of our own future.